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Charity events and support


All the children AND staff came dressed in their pyjamas for the day and managed to raise £360.47!! A fantastic effort.

Supporting Samaritan's Purse Shoe box appeal

Supporting Samaritan's Purse Shoe box appeal 1
In the end, over 30 shoeboxes were made up and sent to Samaritan's Purse. A fantastic effort led by our Collective Worship Crusaders.


This year the Collective Worship Crusaders decided to raise money for Save the Children Hurricane Fund, buy some animals through Christian Aid and to help Alton Food Bank practically. We managed to give 130 kg of food to the Food Bank, £100 to Save the Children and we bought sheep, goats, chickens and piglets for people in Malawi, Ethiopia and Zambia. A fantastic example of compassion in action.

Supporting Alton Food Bank

Supporting Alton Food Bank 1



For our 2016 Harvest charity, the Collective Worship Crusaders decided on supporting a Toilet Twinning Charity. The school managed to raise a whopping £240 which meant we were able to twin 4 toilets! The Collective Worship Crusaders decided to twin with toilets in Guatamala, Liberia, Malawi and Uganda. Here are our Collective Worship Crusaders with our new toilet twinning certificates!

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Children in Need—Friday 13th November

Thank you to all the children who dressed up as a hero or as someone who inspires them,  for Children in Need last Friday.  We raised an amazing £274.28 for this worthy cause.  Thank you for all your support!

Lions Sponsored Walk - Saturday 16th May

On Saturday the Alton Lions in co-operation with Alton Town Council have organised sponsored walks as part of the Alton Walking Festivals.


All participating schools keep the money that their children raise in attending this event.  Each walk was led by a "Lion" in a lion suit.  The distances were 1 km around Anstey Park for infants and 2 km for Juniors.


All the entrants received a medal.


Thank you to our teams from St. Lawrence who collectively raised an amazing £179.00 (so far... we are still collecting sponsor money).  Well done!


Report below written by Cailan Landscheit (Year 5):

On 16 May 2015, many people gathered in Anstey Park to join in with the Lions Sponsored Walk.  The purpose of the walk was to raise enough money to help build a new classroom for St. Lawrence School.


All the children were escorted around Anstey Park by the Lions.  In total, the children walked 3 km!  Every 10 metres, they had to do exercises like cartwheels, push ups, handstands, jumping jacks and star jumps.


Everyone had a fantastic day, well done and than your for taking part if you did support his event and a huge than you to the Alton Lions for arranging this event.

Urgent Bring-A-Pound Day for Nepal on Monday 18 May 2015


As you may have seen in the news, another devastating earthquake hit Nepal last Tuesday. Children were helpless and terrified as ittoppled buildings and destroyed roads and infrastructure around the capital, Kathmandu. More than 8000 people are reported to have died and 50,000 more are trapped in rubble.


Unicef is on the ground, delivering clean water and other life-saving emergency supplies for children and families. One in four of Nepal’s population are children and Unicef are urgently ssessing their needs. Unicef urgently need our help so they can help more children.


That’s why we’re holding a Bring-A-Pound Day for Nepal. On Monday 18 May, I am kindly asking that your child brings in a donation of £1, or any small change you can spare, to help Unicef’s relief efforts in Nepal. If we collect £55 we could provide 5 families in Nepal with clean drinking water.


Students have learnt about the earthquake in an assembly and we will give them further updates as we receive them from Unicef UK, ensuring that they know how their £1 is helping to keep other children safe.


Thank you in advance for your generosity.



Congratulations and well done to Carl Beaumont (Dad to Alex) and Rob Neville (Dad to Max) for completing the "Walk the Wight".  They certainly lived our school value of resilience! A huge thank you to all those that have sponsored Carl and Rob, the amount raised so far is £224.00!


Walk the Wight 2015 - New Classroom Appeal - by Carl Beaumont (School Governor)


Rob and I took part in the walk across the Isle of Wight on Sunday which was organised by Earl Mountbatten’s Hospice. People were walking for many charities and causes, Rob and I, for our St. Lawrence School classroom equipment fund.


It was a very early start for us on Sunday and then the ferry we'd planned to catch didn't go which put us back an hour. We eventually made it over to the island and to Ryde to pick up the shuttle bus with minutes to spare. We started off by Bembridge airport. The route went straight up to a point where we could see the whole of Bembridge Harbour and right along the sea side to Shanklin and Ventnor which looked fantastic.  It was a bit dull and hazy but warm.


Then it was into the countryside through Brading and then a gradual climb up to Carisbrooke Castle which was a little under halfway. A quick sandwich stop then off up over the highest points where the views are 360 degrees and the sun started to come out. There were some narrow bits and main roads where a traffic light system was in place for the walkers which slowed us up a little but we made good progress across until we came out on the south side of the island overlooking Freshwater Bay and a nice sea breeze.


There were a few walkers in fancy dress and a lot walking with dogs, some of which were tiny so they must have done the equivalent of 50 miles!

We followed the path slightly back from the coast for several miles and then we came onto a Linx golf course which they must have closed for the day which I can imagine the local golfers were not impressed with. It was then down into Freshwater then up long gradual wide climb up Tennyson Down which is one the nicest walks you'll find with views out towards Dorset. We went on towards Alum Bay and the headland above the Needles, before turning back to finish at Totland. (For those of you who know 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang', well when the car drops over the cliff towards the rocks, that's The Needles!!).


The last bit seemed to go on forever, both of us tiring a bit with aching legs we finished in approximately 7 hours 45 minutes for the 26.5 miles. After a quick stop, it was then onto the free buses, to be dropped off near the ferry. We then hobbled down the road to catch it and back to the mainland (as the locals call it!), exhausted but a great day.


A massive thank you to all those who wished us good luck before we went which was much appreciated. A BIG thank you also, to all those who have sponsored us to raise money toward the classroom equipment, it really spurred us on.


Many thanks

Carl Beaumont (Governor)


Key Stage 1 Tea Party

Thank you to all our friends and family who supported the Key Stage 1 Marie Curie tea party. The children worked very hard at making and decorating cakes, icing biscuits and learning the words to Wordsworth’s ‘Daffodils’. The yellow songs were a blast from the past but enjoyed by the children just as much today! With your support we made an incredible £220. Thank you.


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A "thank you" from Heather Parsons - please see previous posts below for more information

A "thank you" from Heather Parsons - please see previous posts below for more information 1

Red Nose Day - BBC's The People's Strictly


Strictly hard work for dancing success!


Today we had a very special Collective.  Heather Parsons (from People’s Strictly) came to visit St. Lawrence!


Heather spoke to the children about Red Nose Day and how the funds raised help people in need, either at home or in Africa.

Heather then shared her exciting story of being asked to appear in People’s Strictly.  Did you know she found out  she had been invited to appear whilst  shopping in a supermarket?  The moment was captured on film and is available on the BBC People’s Strictly webpage, if you would like to have a look. 


Heather also talked about how she could not dance at all (not a step!) and that she has had to practise hard each day.  Heather shared her experience with the children; you can do anything, even if you think you can’t do it, if you try hard and practise every day.


Heather explained that tonight (Wednesday 11th March) will be her big performance as she will be dancing the Viennese Waltz with her professional dance partner – Ian Waite.  Parents – please remember to vote (for any of the dancing couples) as the money raised is for such a worthy cause!


Heather also gave a couple of eager volunteers, Melanie and Jessica, a quick Viennese Waltz dance lesson, together with Miss Jones and Mrs Micklefield!  We were all impressed with their dance moves.


Heather then got the whole school on their feet dancing!


We would like to thank Heather for her time and energy and for sharing her story with us.  Everyone enjoyed themselves.  We wish Heather the best of luck tonight!


For more information about Heather's inspiring story, please click here for the BBC's People's Strictly webpage.  

St Lawrence Dances with Heather Parsons!

December, 2014

Christmas lunch and jumper day!

Towards the end of last term the children enjoyed their Christmas lunch coupled with Christmas Jumper Day!  The children ate all together in the school hall and were served by St. Lawrence staff.  The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and  looked very festive in their Christmas jumpers.  Thank you to FOSLS who provided the crackers and to Mrs Plumb who designed a “Santa needs a new jumper” picture for the children to colour in whilst they waited to be served.  Thank you also to the kitchen staff for supporting us in providing the whole school with a Christmas lunch at the same time!  Thank you for all your donations for Save The Children.  We raised a total of £168.75.  Well done everyone! (please note that the government will be matching every donation made by the public, so even more money has been raised).

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December, 2014

Charity updates

As a school we support a variety of charities and charitable initiatives throughout the year. Thank you to all of you who have contributed towards these charities.  We raised £51.80 for this year’s poppy appeal and with the Christmas  presents for children appeal, your generous donations were added to the overall total of 68,300 presents!  These were given to disadvantaged local children who otherwise would have not received any presents on  Christmas morning. Your donations to all these charities are appreciated and gratefully received by these worthy causes.  Thank you.


w/c 17th November, 2014

Children In Need

Last Friday was ‘Children In Need’ day. St Lawrence decided to have a non-uniform day with the theme to come dressed as a ‘hero’ to raise money for this worthy cause. The children came to school in some fabulous costumes! We had an array of wonderful “super heroes” through to heroes/heroines such as Florence Nightingale, Steve Jobs (founder of Apple Inc.), Malala Yousafzai (this year’s shared Nobel Peace Prize winner), soldiers, doctors, mums and dads and one person came as their family! We managed to raise £215 for Children In Need. Thank you to all of you who took part and supported this cause.

March, 2014

Sporty fun had by all, for Sport Relief 2014!

Last Friday the children took part in various activities to raise money for this worthy cause.  The children ran/walked a mile, took part in a skipathon, a water relay race, an art competition and just about had enough energy for a danceathon!  The children managed to dance non-stop for 15 minutes. There were some very energetic, groovy dance moves!


The children and staff took part in Sports Relief enthusiastically and we have all raised an amazing £762.80!  Thank you  to everyone, including parents, families and friends back home for your support. Together we have raised a fantastic sum to send to Sports Relief, to be spent on projects at home and abroad. Well done everyone!

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