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London Zoo Trip

On the 12th of January, Hawthorn class went to London Zoo! We had so much fun experiencing the Zoo because we did so many fun things like the workshop, where we got to stroke a hissing cockroach and seeing all the butterflies - some of them landed on us. Also, when we watched the penguins they were performing tricks for us. We all really enjoyed the roaming animals section, here, we saw a sloth sleeping high up in a branch.

Hawthorn Class really enjoyed London Zoo and we would love to go back again!

By Sophia and Elektra


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Trails of fantastic beasts have been sighted in Hawthorn class

On the 30th of October some fantastic beast trails were sighted in Hawthorn class. When we came in to school there were five trails around the class room that had been left by five of the fantastic beasts, these beasts were: the Bowtruckle, the Niffler, the Demiguise, the Phoenix and the Occamy. We did not know who the trails belonged to, so we had to be detectives to find out. Miss Lancaster gave us pictures of the five creatures and fact files of them, to give us another clue to who the creatures were. We worked in pairs and eventually figured out which creature was responsible for which trail.

Written by Lauren and Emma

Monday 20th June 2016

Today in Hawthorn Class we have been learning about Citizenship. We had a visitor, Lara Nolan from East Hants District Council, who introduced us to democracy, dictatorship and anarchy. After discussing issues in the community, we decided to focus our debate on the EU referendum. Before the debate, we all voted to either remain or exit and our results were: 12 to remain and 9 to exit. Holly (the speaker) ran the debate to allow everyone to share their opinions on remaining in the EU or to exit the EU. We were split into two sides to make it clearer who was voting for which side. When the debate came to an end, we all took another vote and put our slips of paper in the ballot box. Our votes were then counted up and even after our debate - our votes remained the same: 12 to remain and 9 to exit. Lara told us that that was very unusual for the votes to stay the same after the debate! It remains to be seen whether our votes go the same way as the UK when the country votes on Thursday.


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