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At St Lawrence School we have a whole school Learning Council. We used to have a School Council where reps were elected from each class. We have developed this further now by ensuring every pupil in the school has a voice that can be heard.


Each half term, Mrs Casson, the Headteacher, meets with the Year 6s to discuss an issue. Topics could include: home/school agreements, healthy schools, after school clubs and many other issues. The Head teacher will explain what she would like the Council to discuss and then the whole school meet on a Tuesday afternoon for half an hour. The children are in mixed groups – children from each year group is represented and meet with a member of staff and a Year 6 rep. The Year 6 rep leads the discussion with the member of staff acting as minute taker.


The Year 6s then meet with Mrs Casson again to update her on what the pupils thought, therefore ensuring that all pupils are given a voice.

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Picture 1 Head Girl
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