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New Curriculum - Parent information

On this page we will add information that you might find interesting and useful in understanding the new curriculum changes and implementation. We will advise you either by our regular newsletter or by text of any new postings.  If you do have any questions about the new curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact the school. Thank you.

Assessment information evening for parents

On Thursday 14th of April 2015 we held an information evening for parents about assessments.  For those of you that were unable to attend please find below the handouts that were distributed.  Thank you.

On the 29th September 2015, we held a parent information evening about the new curriculum.  The meeting gave us an opportunity to talk to parents about the up-levelling of the new curriculum and how we plan to meet these higher expectations. The main point of the talk was about helping the children develop a growth mindset and believe that they can do....


If you were not able to attend the meeting, or would like to refresh your memory, please click below to view the presentation and clips shown during the meeting. Thank you.



The New Curriculum - Parent information evening presentation

BOUNCE - How Champions are Made, Matt Syed

Discover how champions are made with BOUNCE. Bold, subversive and backed by solid evidence. Everyone knows that David Beckham crosses the ball better than anyone else and that Tiger Woods never "chokes". But what are the hidden factors which allow the most successful sports stars to rise above their competitors -- and are they shared by virtuosos in other fields?

Growth Mindset Animation

A Short animation explaining the theory of growth and fixed mindsets. This is a tested and effective way of teaching young people what a fixed mindset is and how we can change that. Many of the messages in this video have been taken from the theorist Carol Dweck.

Carol Dweck - A Study on Praise and Mindsets

For over a decade Carol Dweck and her team studied the effects of praise on students.

Maths Mindset Mastery

Mrs Micklefield and Miss Jones attended this course run by Jo Boaler.  Jo Boaler worked closely with Carol Dweck.  Her work adds to and brings together the Growth Mind Set concepts.