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Osmington Bay 2018

       DAY 1 - Monday 3rd September 2018


We have arrived at Osmington Bay just a couple of hours after leaving school. The coach dropped us off and we met our groupie (the PGL member of staff assigned to our group) straight away. She is called Merrick and has a strong Scottish accent, a loud voice and is lots of fun!
Immediately after unloading the coach and helping to get all of our luggage to where we'll be staying for the week, we were given a detailed tour of the whole site to find out where everything is. Clare said "'It's really big, it's fun and I can't wait for all the things we are going to be doing".' We played some games at the basketball courts, right at the top of the site, then went back to our dormitories which have a fantastic view over the sea and Portland Bill.
Once we had unpacked and checked on the things that we needed for our evening activity we had some time to chat in the grassy space we have right outside our dorms. When we went for our supper we had choices of sausage and mash, lentil curry, steak and mushroom pie with vegetables. There were rolls and salad and we all ate well. There were yummy jammy doughnuts for pudding too!
Our evening activity was campfire where Merrick and some of the other groupies sang songs, told stories and played a few tricks. We had groups of other children join us but we were the first group there and were sat in the front row. Some of the songs we knew, some had a twist on ones we knew while others were new to us and we had a great time as it grew dark. One of the songs was called Ham and Eggs and Owen had a solo role on the "'and'" while Isobel was chosen to choose the magic item - her shoe!
We have all gone back for showers before bed and ready for our activities tomorrow. Two groups are doing Jacobs Ladder and the zip wire in the morning whilst the third group are doing street surfing and rifle shooting. In the afternoon we are all going to be raft-building. Can't wait!
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       DAY 2   Tuesday 4th September 2018



We have had a fantastic day! Last night everyone settled to bed really well after showers ready for a busy day. Breakfast included cooked bacon & mushrooms, porridge, cereal, fruit, toast with jams and marmalade preparing us for our morning activities. We came back for jacket potato with meat or quorn chilli con-carne, cheese, beans, rice and lots of salad and fruit choices. We've just had our evening meal which included chicken nuggets, vegetable kiev, chips and vegetables, iced cake and fruit. Merrick has just joined us ready for our whacky races evening activity! She has been teaching us a range of songs such as happy llama, coca cola, break it down, pizza guy and many others which we look forward to sharing with everyone when we get home! We've all made a comment below about our day as we've all had such a great time. 
"I am proud that I pushed myself to do the zipwire. It took me three goes and in the end I managed it as I had the resilience."
"I overcame my fear of swimming in the sea when I fell off the raft! I had a great time." 
"I conquered my fear of heights on Jacob's Ladder because I have never been a fan of heights."
Poppy M
"I was excited to go on Jacob's Ladder and I went up once and I got scared as I couldn't get my leg over the next wooden pole and I came back down. Then I went back up again. Even though I couldn't go as high as the others in my group I still did it!" 
 "Today I learnt how to build a raft with my group and worked hard to learn how to do it." Kasper
"I enjoyed all of the activities on the raft when we had to jump in the sea. I also enjoyed the zip wire because we got a great view of the sea." 
"I am proud that I didn't fall into the sea when we went on our raft. I was the last one standing when we all stood on the raft."
"We learnt how to use a rifle to shoot at  a target and we kept the paper to show our score. I really enjoyed it."
"When I was the one chosen to show how the harness worked Benji (the instructor) called me a human handbag! I liked that Curtis and I worked as a team to get to the top."
"At first I was scared of going on Jacob's Ladder and on the third go I got to the top and I was proud of myself."
"Jacob's Ladder was amazing and I climbed all the way to the top! The raft building was really fun and included lots of teamwork."
"I enjoyed the zip wires. I went three times because our group were all really quick at pulling up the rope back to the start."
"I was proud of myself today because I went on Jacob's Ladder even though I was really scared."
"I was really proud of myself on the rifle shooting as I hadn't done it before, I got a good score and got better at it."
"I really enjoyed going out on the raft and falling off the back of it. The game where we had to splash with our feet was the best!"
"When we did street surfing I thought I was going to keep falling off but when we did the race I won because I kept working on my balance."
"I was happy that I had a go at the zip wire because I thought I wasn't going to have a go but Tim the instructor hung me off the edge and he said if I didn't like it I didn't have to do it but it was fine and so then I did it three times."
"I was really excited about doing all of the activities today and I was challenged to stay on the raft when it was being shaken about."
"I enjoyed everything today, especially building the raft with my group and testing it in the sea!"
"My favourite part was jumping off the rafts in the middle of the water and racing back to shore."
"I enjoyed doing the zip wire because I liked going through the air. I'm proud of my determination on Jacob's Ladder because I went higher than I thought I was going to."
Poppy R
"I'm really proud of when we did Jacob's Ladder because I made it to the top! It was scary but I had my friends with me supporting me."
"When we went out on the sea on our raft I didn't want to get wet but I did which turned out to be fun. I pushed myself on Jacob's Ladder and I did better than I thought."
"I am proud that I did everything today. I supported Poppy R on Jacob's Ladder."
"When I was street-surfing I fell over twice but I still carried on and it was fun."
"The street surfing was very hard because I didn't know how to do it very well but I kept trying and worked on my balance."
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     Day 3 Wednesday 5th September 2018



Last night we had great fun at "Whacky Races" with teams working together to display our creative, dramatic and innovative skills in a series of daft and certainly whacky challenges. Today Mrs Casson came to see us and we were able to show her our rooms and update her on some of the things we had been up to. She ate lunch with us and watched us while we did some of our activities. Mrs Casson drove Mrs Turner back to Alton and Mrs Hill will be joining Miss Lancaster and Mrs Smy on site until we return on Friday. Here are some of the highlights of our day so far:
My favourite part of the morning was giant swing because I overcame my fear of heights. At first it felt very odd when I was being attached and everyone got a wedgie from the harness! I had butterflies but once Owen was attached with me on the swing I was ok. The view was very beautiful and you could see across the whole of Weymouth even almost to the white horse that we saw when we were on the coach to the sailing centre yesterday. 
At first I didn't want to go on the giant swing but once I was on it I overcame my fear and my partner, Nancy, really supported me. I learnt how to tie different types of knots when we did buggy building. A couple of us at a time had a go on the buggy and it was fun because you could relax while your teammates were pushing you along. We all worked well together. 
I had to pinch myself this morning on our way to breakfast because I was so excited about doing Jacob's Ladder and being here. There are no words I have for it here. It is priceless to be here.
On Jacob's Ladder it is higher than it looks once you are on it and the poles are really hard to climb up to. They get further apart the higher you go. I worked hard to go as high as I could. I didn't want to go up on the giant swing and I went half way on the first go and then nearly to the top on the second! All the group cheered me on.
After giant swing our group went to the activities centre to do street surfing. At  the beginning it looks really hard because it's a big board with two tiny wheels that swerve round on an axle but when you start doing it it's really fun. We practised in groups of two or three so that someone could support you while you were moving along sideways. The hardest part was starting off on your own because when you push off it's really hard to get your balance but at the end everyone could balance and move on their own on the board!
I really enjoyed the giant swing because I was really brave and I went to the highest I could go to and I loved it. When I got on the street-surfboard I thought I'd be really bad at it but after some practice I found I could do it. I used my skills from roller skating to help me and I knew I could do it 
I was really scared going up the pole for trapeze and when I got to the top I was even more scared but all my friends encouraged me to go and I had the courage to jump. It was really fun and I'd definitely do it again! 
Poppy M
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      Day 4 - Thursday 6th September 2018


After a brilliant night's sleep, we had the choice of bacon, scrambled eggs, veggie sausages and beans with lots of cereals and fresh fruit for breakfast. 

Two groups made the short journey down to Weymouth to do kayaking, which was amazing and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Meanwhile the other group took on the mission of crawling through the network of tunnels and playing games like hide and seek and tag.


Baguettes and a range of fillings were on the menu for lunch, again with fresh fruit.

In the afternoon, the final group experienced the kayaks and loved it.

Other activities this afternoon included: archery, buggy building and the trapeze.


At the moment hair is being done and outfits are being carefully picked - yes you guessed it, it’s disco night!


Isobel - I really liked archery because I was a brilliant shot and I loved congratulating people for scoring in the yellow section. I enjoyed playing the games during kayak, it was so much fun! 


Owen - I was scared at first but then I climbed to the top of the trapeze and jumped off - I was very proud of myself! 


Marcus - My favourite bit about kayaking was balancing on the edge of the kayak, it tipped every time I moved and eventually I fell off.


Morgan - My favourite part of kayaking, was playing the game - how many children can get on one kayak. We all managed to get on. 


Poppy R- Kayaking was my favourite activity because I enjoy water sports and learning new skills. I am proud of myself for giving the trapeze a go. 


Claire - I loved kayaking because my confidence has grown as I didn’t like the water that much but now I love playing in the water!