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Saint Lawrence Song

At a Class Collective Worship in the summer term, the children learnt about Saint Lawrence and reflected on what they could learn from his life. They then brainstormed words and phrases that meant something to them about him. These were then put together to form a song which one of our teachers put to music. Each All Saints Day (1st November) we now hold a service to remember Saint Lawrence where we sing our school song, "More precious to You than gold."  Here are the words:



We stand before you now,

More precious to You than gold,

Teach us to be faithful,

Loyal, kind and bold.



Love, Compassion and Respect,

God's gifts for us to share,

Our St Lawrence Family,

Will always be there.



To love without condition,

To care for others' needs,

Help us share the love of Jesus,

As Saint Lawrence leads.