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Stubbington Residential 2017

Day 1


We have had an exciting first day exploring Stubbington! We spent the morning having an induction and unpacking our bags. I have to say so far they all have very tidy rooms. After a yummy lunch we headed down to the beach for a walk and a search for shells. We learnt about different types of shells and long shore drift. It was a little blustery by the sea but we had some lovely sunny weather too.

This evening we had a wildlife talk and we learnt about the different types of animals we might see at the hide tomorrow evening. Fingers crossed for a quiet night

Day 2:

We have had another exciting day! Some of our rooms impressed with room inspections, a particular well done to Emma, Poppy M, Freya, Scarlett and Alana. Before our first activity started we had already spotted a fox on the field, we think he wanted to join in! Our first activity was Eggstreme challenge. The children had to solve various problem solving tasks to earn tokens. After a break the children spent their tokens on items to protect their egg during the trebuchet launch. Impressively only one egg broke!

After lunch we went on another expedition to the beach, this time we created rock pools, went fossil hunting and had a sandcastle competition. Keira, Isobel, Lucas and Kasper were worthy winners!

We have had a jam packed day, we also fitted in mapping and a wildlife photography talk and tonight we are all very excited to go to the hide!
Day 3:

Last night we saw several foxes and three beautiful badgers and heard an owl! We had an amazing time being rescue teams after a vicious earthquake. The children had to carry various types equipment over, around and under obstacles. Everyone attempted the infamous lava leap and we only had a few wet shoes. I was very impressed with their teamwork.

In the afternoon, we searched for evidence of animals in the conservation area. We spotted badger sets, fox dens and scratches on trees. Then we made hotels for small mammals and we camouflaged them with sticks and leaves.

After a delicious dinner we played an exciting game of 'Who stole the treasure?' and the adults had to dress up as pirates and hide. We are looking forward to finding out if we have any small mammal residents in our hotels tomorrow!
Day 4:

We have had another fantastic sunny day. This morning we went to see who had visited our mammal hotels. We had four long tailed field mice as residents! The children measured, weighed and named each mouse: Jimmy Bob, Max, Waffle and Vincent.

After lunch, the children were stranded on a desert island and needed to build a strong shelter for their team. Each shelter was tested against wind and rain and we had a few very wet children! After, the children took part in team building games. Then we were treated to ice lollies!

After dinner, we assembled in the Great Chamber for Stubbington S-factor! This week, each house group has been busily learning a song ready for the show. They all performed amazingly and the adults were blown away. Last night tonight!