St Lawrence CE Primary School

Day 3

Day 3 -Wednesday 9th March
It's midweek! We woke up after a much better nights sleep. We found out that Mammal Hotels and Eggstreme Challenge were on our to do list for the day! 
Sophia was very excited to find out what Eggstreme was, as she had assumed that we would simply be putting eggs in a stream... she and everyone else from Maple were pleased to discover that we actually had to complete a range of problem solving challenges in order to earn counters! After collecting counters, we then exchanged them for materials to protect an egg. Each group protected their egg before we catapulted them across the playground to test each design! 
The afternoon gave us time to prepare mammal hotels to place out into the conservation area over night. We had to make sure that the hotels had food, water, a safe location and a warm bed. We are looking forward to seeing what we have attracted tomorrow!
We really focused on our team work and determination throughout all tasks today! Mrs Smy and Miss Heckford noticed that all children showed brilliant team work and communication skills! In particular Sian, Lily Elder, Melanie and Lauren showed great problem solving skills during the challenges. 
However, the highlight of our day was the arrival of Mae! Maple were overjoyed when she arrived and have already taken it on themselves to make her feel welcome and settled. After her arrival we ended the evening with a very funny game of Stubbington Bingo before we read a story before bed!