St Lawrence CE Primary School

Day 4

Day 4 - Thursday 10th March

After another room inspection we excitedly ventured out to collect our mammal hotels. We thought we had been lucky because Mae's hotel door had closed however when we looked inside there was nothing to be found. We then checked Melanie and Chiara's hotel but again ... nothing. We were a bit stuck as we had no small mammals to study! Fortunately, the school next door heard of our misfortune and lent us one of their mammals... a Wood Mouse! We enjoyed: measuring the animal, learning about its adaptations and sketching the creature. 
Having enjoyed the mammal study during the morning we then had an exciting activity ahead! EARTHQUAKE! This was the activity that we had been looking forward to the most. The afternoon involved a range of team building challenges which were designed to represent dangers that might be encountered during a real earthquake. From the photos you can see that Maple had to work together to get their team and their rescue equipment across the obstacles. Elisha, Lili, Chiara and Emma did particularly well! 
After a well deserved dinner we got into our house teams for the last time and went into the main hall for 'The S Factor'. Tonight's entertainment was made up of all the house teams and a song that they had been learning throughout the week! All the staff and Mr Scarbrough (our Stubbington leader) enjoyed all the performances and were proud of each teams determination and resilience.
We have just enjoyed a bed time story and will be very sad to leave tomorrow. Be prepared parents... this week has been exceptionally muddy. Expect some muddy clothes.