St Lawrence CE Primary School

Day Four

Today we woke up excited to see if we had any visitors in our mammal hotels. We were very lucky that we had four visitors, three Long Tailed Field Mice and one Yellow Necked Mouse. We measured the size of each mouse and weighed them to see how heavy they were. We named them Jimmy, Twix, Treacle and Lola. After a quick break, we sketched them and then let them go in the conservation area.


After lunch, we ventured out in the cold with hats, gloves and coats for Earth Walks. Our first activity was ‘Hug a Tree’ where we blindfolded each other and led them to an unknown tree. Our partner then had to find their way back to the tree once they had removed their blindfold. Then we went on a ‘Sky Walk’ which was very disorientating and there was some very funny walking! Next, we made smelly cocktails and had a cocktail party to have a smell of everyone’s. Nathaniel and Jagger made the smelliest cocktail but we had some lovely smelling ones too! Our last activity was making clay guardians for Stubbington using anything we could find in the wooded area.


There was a lot of laughter tonight at the S-Factor with the special guest judge, Foxy! The teachers were wowed at the children’s performances and they worked so well in their teams.


A few quotes from today:


“I enjoyed making the clay faces, I used daisies to make the eyes,” Daisy


“I liked the sky walk because it felt like we were walking on the branches,” Emmie


“I enjoyed seeing what was in the mammal hotels,” Thomas