St Lawrence CE Primary School

Day Two

We’ve been working on teamwork today! After a filling breakfast, we had our first room inspections, let’s just say there is room for improvement. We crash landed on a desert island and had to create shelters to keep us safe from the sun, predators and the rain. Some shelters had a few more gaps and we had a few soggy children!


After drying off we had two group challenges: night walking and walking planks. The night walking was hard because you had special black out googles and you only had a rope and the person in front of you (also blindfolded) to guide you. When using the walking planks, we really had to work together and communicate otherwise we wouldn’t go anywhere. We worked up an appetite for lunch. We made sure we sung Happy Birthday to Dan and he even got a birthday cake.


Then Mrs Casson came for a visit, she joined us for Eggstreme challenge. We also had the arrival of Olivia. We had to solve challenges to earn tokens which we used to buy equipment to protect our eggs. Our eggs were launched from a giant catapult and only one broke.


We then split off into our groups to enjoy team challenges and prepare for the S-Factor. Lastly, we were treated to a wildlife photography show and the photos were spectacular.


A few quotes from today:


“I love the team games!” Amber


“I enjoyed catapulting our eggs,” Jagger


“I loved doing the shelter building, I got a bit wet!” Summer