St Lawrence CE Primary School


Day 1


After numerous "Are we there yets?!", mainly from Sophie, we arrived at 3.30pm to a beautiful sunny view of the Osmington Bay site. The view across Weymouth and Portland Bay was spectacular. We were met by our Groupie for the week, Chevonne, who gave us a warm welcome and showed us to our accommodation. After we had unpacked, our groupie sorted us out with a game of Splat. You had to be determined and courageous which Sam proved to be as he won! 


The dormitories this year are Pug Sparkly Ice Cream, The Bullets, #The Dorm of Crazy, Blockbusters, The Haunted Nightmare and The Nutcrackers. To get our attention our groupie calls "Who are you going to call?" and we all shout "Ghostbusters!".


On our tour of the site we saw where the activities would be taking place, where the disco will be and the shop is and, most importantly, the cafeteria.


For our dinner there were either herby sausages with onion gravy, vegetable lattice or steamed cod. Additionally you could choose from couscous, soup, fruit, the salad bar and pasta and there were fabulous flapjacks for pudding.


We are looking forward to the activities starting tomorrow, but, before bed tonight we are going to do "Pirate Challenge" where we think we will need to be resilient and work together as team. 



Blog-busters: Leah, Erin, Sam, Joshua & Cailan


Each day we will have a different set of blog-writers, which the children have nick-named "Blog Busters". Although we haven't been here long, we have settled in well and the children are being a credit to the school. They have had to take in a lot and are supporting each other well in their dorms, during activities and now, chasing around the site to find answers to a range of questions as part of the pirate challenge, with an appropriately-dressed groupie. We look forward to a good night before undertaking an activity-packed day ahead!


Mrs Turner, Mrs Micklefield & Mrs Morrison