St Lawrence CE Primary School

Osmington Bay 2019

Monday 9th September

We arrived safely and all the children settled into their dorms. There was much excitement as the children named their rooms and unpacked - some more successfully than others! Dinner was a choice of chicken tikka or fish fingers, with lots of healthy salad and a delicious doughnut for pudding. Our evening game tonight is Wacky Races- We wonder what that entails?  We are looking forward to tomorrow's activities and some sunshine.

 Tuesday 10th September


 After supper last night the children took part in Wacky Races including drawing a portrait of the staff, each group were given 15 seconds per child to add to the portrait , as you can imagine they were not very flattering especially the one of Mrs Casson! 

Today's activities included Keelboat sailing, Rifle Shooting, Street Surfing and the Giant Swing. All children participated enthusiastically and thoroughly enjoyed trying new skills. The Giant Swing was very exciting for group three, at first the children were a little nervous but they encouraged and supported each other; everyone was very proud of themselves afterwards. Street Surfing proved a real hit and many of the children really shone. Every group did some Keelboat Sailing; it was thrilling to be out in the sea and the children became very adept at handling the sails. With such a busy schedule, the children built up a good appetite and tucked into a hearty breakfast, lunch and dinner today.

Everyone is having a fantastic time and are looking forward to the Photo Challenge tonight.


Wednesday 11th September


All the children had a brilliant night's sleep, the staff had to wake them up this morning! After a delicious breakfast of sausages, beans and cereals, two groups headed to the sailing centre for kayaking. Everyone had such an amazing time in the sea playing a variety of kayak games including standing up and dancing and ending with a slip and slide off of the kayak into the sea. It was lovely to see how much the children loved it.
The third group stayed on site and worked fantastically as a team to complete  Jacobs Ladder, with many children making it all the way to the top! Their second morning activity was Archery, accuracy and skills were tested; some children even hit the Bull’s Eye (more than once)!

After a tasty lunch of wraps and a variety of fillings, this afternoon’s activities were Fencing and Archery for two of the groups and Trapeze and Buggy Building for the third group. The children really looked professional in all the fencing gear and thoroughly enjoyed using their foils on each other, finally ending with a tournament.
All of the children showed great bravery and resilience during the Trapeze; leaping off once they had reached the top. We are all very proud of the determination everyone is showing during the activities.
We are all looking forward to lasagne or chicken nuggets for dinner and our evening activity-Sport’s Night.


Thursday 12th September

After another fantastic night’s sleep, we all tucked into a breakfast of bacon, omelette, yoghurt and toast.
Group Three enjoyed their coach ride to the sailing centre to have a go at Kayaking , while the other two groups completed the Giant Swing and the Beach Walk.
Kayaking was a brilliant experience for the children, they all had a go at paddling the kayak and then completed lots of exciting games. These included jumping over the kayaks and swimming around in the sea.
Everyone gave their all with the Giant Swing, going half way or all the way to the top- their team mates using their strength to pull them up! Once they had reached their preferred height, each child had to be very brave and pull the releasing  cord. Many screams were heard across the site, however, every child did this with a huge smile upon their face.
After counting the steps down to the beach(just in case the pixies had taken them), using natural materials, the children created their own monsters( each had to have a name and a back story).
Lunch was pasta and various sauces with a side of garlic bread. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their lunch and all had empty plates!
This afternoon, Jacob’s Ladder was on the agenda alongside Buggy Building, Rifle Shooting and Climbing.
The teamwork shown on Jacob’s Ladder was particularly impressive with nearly everyone making it to the top. This brilliant team work carried on during the buggy building, children created a Flintstone style buggy and took it in turns to have a ride.
There was some impressive skills shown in the Rifle Shooting, some people even hit the Bull’s Eye.
The children thought that climbing was amazing, with everyone making it to the top.
The teamwork we have seen today has been fantastic.  Very proud teachers here!
After a lovely dinner of Chicken Kiev or Vegetable Chow Mien and ice cream, the children are currently getting dressed up for the disco.