St Lawrence CE Primary School

St Lawrence Learner

At St Lawrence we aspire for every child to become a life long learner. We provide a rich exciting curriculum which endeavours to develop enquiring, independent minds and spiritual understanding. We learn and work together in order to enrich each others’ lives.


St Lawrence Learner

  • I have a love of learning
  • I am not afraid to make mistakes, when I do I learn from them
  • I am motivated to do my best
  • I believe I can achieve
  • I can work collaboratively and independently
  • I have respect for myself and others
  • I am a confident communicator
  • I aspire to do well
  • I know how to keep myself safe
  • I am adventurous and have a thirst for learning
  • I have a sense of spirituality
  • I support and care for my community
  • I am proud of my achievements
  • I am a good listener
  • I am curious about the world
  • I have a sense of belonging
  • I work hard and know there is no limits to my learning


  • Our school may be small but together we are big