St Lawrence CE Primary School


Day 4
After a full breakfast we all headed down to Portland to build our rafts. We had to work in two teams to produce a raft that would float! Of the six poles, two of them had string to tie the other polls together. Following that, we had to get four barrels to make the raft float. PGL had made a story behind the knot: there was once a pirate who had treasure, so he went under the cave, over the mountain under another cave over another mountain. He lost weight so we had to make a belt buckle and then he found a place that he wanted to bury the treasure. Then he wanted to have it with him so you had to dig it up. 
When we returned to base, we all had lunch. The choices were: Hot dog,wedges,tortillas and pea soup. The afternoon was spent on Jacob's ladder and Survivor. We made tent pegs and shelters. The tent pegs were made out of wood. Lots of people also managed to achieve something they didn't think possible by getting to the top of Jacob's ladder.
Blog Busters: Luca, Charlotte, Lilje, Maddee & Chloe
The children have had another very busy day and there was excellent teamwork at Portland creating rafts which they then took out on the water. Joshua, Joey, Leah and Chris came up with some great ideas throughout the day, what stars! The evening activity last night was Cluedo with the children finding clues around the site and tonight was a disco with the groupies leading lots of dances with all of the children (the adults quite enjoyed dancing too!) When we returned to our chalets we had a special visitor... as the tooth fairy will be needing to visit AGAIN she popped in a little early to say hello and the children had their photo taken with her! Tomorrow the groups will be abseiling and fencing and, after lunch, heading back to Alton. We have all had a fantastic week, the children have been a credit to the school and we look forward to sharing the rest of our stories with you when we're home.
Mrs Turner, Mrs Micklefield & Mrs Morrison