St Lawrence CE Primary School


Day 2


Last night we completed the Pirate Challenge in groups of 5 and each team had to answer numbered questions around the site. Once we had finished all the tasks we created a pirate ship out of cups, straws, bin liners and cardboard. To find the answers we had to use our curiosity and teamwork.


After a good night's sleep and a healthy breakfast which included bacon, beans, hash browns, cereal, fruit, yoghurt and toast the dorms were inspected and points awarded. 


After that we went to conquer the trapeze and zoom down the zip wire. On trapeze we all did very well and Ellie, Erin, Max, Neco, Nyree, Dan, Lilje and Pier worked hard to overcome fears. The zip wire was zoomy and fun. Cailan really shone by reaching his goal. Sophie persevered and made it to the top and when she thought she couldn't go down the zip wire THEN SHE DID!


Earlier in the afternoon we played aeroball and we also went on the giant swing. Aeroball was very exciting and very bouncy, we had to throw a bouncy ball into a hoop while bouncing on trampolines. The giant swing helped us begin to be a brilliant team.


Today's Blog Busters: Max, Dan, Sophie, Holly and Neco 


As the first activity-packed day began we couldn't have asked for a better view as we were at the highest point on site. The children climbed even higher on the trapeze and to the start of the zipwire in both actions and in their determination. There was evidence of several children pushing themselves to achieve and then to improve further. Throughout the day the groups have worked brilliantly together and are thoroughly enjoying everything about our stay. Choices at mealtimes have been varied and we have all eaten well. We are sure all the children will sleep as well tonight as they did last night. They can't fail to be tired after all the day's activities followed by the evening "Olympics" they are excitedly off to now. There may well be a visitor tonight as we believe the tooth fairy is due to drop by! 


Mrs Turner, Mrs Micklefield & Mrs Morrison