St Lawrence CE Primary School

Art and design


Our vision for Art across the school is to enhance children’s creativity through practically experimenting with a wide range of different art techniques. Children will be encouraged to explore, trial and test their ideas in sketchbooks before applying these to a final piece of work.


During this valued curriculum time, children will be provided with opportunities for collaboration as well as using these precious moments to support individual well-being and self-compassion. Through exploring different art techniques, children will gain a range of art experiences to support their learning further during secondary education.


These memorable moments will be treasured and will provide support for learning in other areas of the curriculum. During their time at St Lawrence, all children will be exposed to art through the study of a range of artists. They will have the opportunity to look at high quality images of their work – thinking carefully about their context and influence. At St Lawrence CE Primary School, Art does and will continue to engage, inspire and promote a love of learning.