St Lawrence CE Primary School

Global Citizenship Education

Explanation of “Inside & Out” at St Lawrence”


This document aims to bring together many elements for SMSC and themes such as British Values, self-compassion, global awareness, together under one ‘umbrella’. The ‘umbrella’ that is used to hang everything on is centred around six broad themes of Global Citizenship, drawing inspiration from Oxfam.

“Inside & Out” is an ethos, a curriculum dimension, an educational philosophy and a way of life. It pervades everything – informing, enhancing and challenging all that is done in school. Process is as important as, if not more important than, outcome.


As a church school, rooted in gospel values and Christian practice, we are at the forefront of taking up the call to equip our children for their role as global citizens in inspired and innovative ways. This is a journey that will surely repay time and space given to it. Understanding, skills and values, inspired by our school’s Christian ethos, will take children of all faiths and none forward into a life in which they can make a difference as global citizens. This may ultimately be the most important gift that church schools can offer, to them and to our world.


This learning – knowledge-rich and humanity-rich, alongside the National Curriculum equips our learners for critical and active engagement with the challenges and opportunities of life; and will allow them in the future to participate fully in a globalised society, and to secure a more just and sustainable world than the one they have inherited. These connect learning across the school and are progressively revisited in each year group.

Inside & Out curriculum overview