St Lawrence CE Primary School

Information for absent parents

If you are a parent that is not currently living with their child on a permanent basis and would like to keep in touch with the school regarding your child please contact the school office on 01420 84400 or you can email the office on:


We can arrange for the school newsletter to be emailed to you each fortnight (or you can find it on our website) and for school reports to be sent to you when they are available. Parents evening dates will be advertised in our newsletter and will be on our school calendar (calendar can be accessed via the link from our homepage). Parent consultations are by appointment only, please contact the office if you require one. Absent parents already on our mailing list will be emailed asking if an appointment is required.


If you want to be kept informed by the school, you will be required to keep the office informed of your current contact details, including your postal and email addresses. Postal and email address details will be checked with you once a year. The school will be unable to send school reports (or any information regarding your child) unless your postal and email addresses have been confirmed us current by you.


If you wish to know what your child is learning during the current term, please check your child's class page and also class gallery page on our website. You can find lots of useful information, including how to support your child's learning at home, should you wish to do so. Please check the school website if you require general information about the new curriculum.  


If you have any questions please contact the school. Thank you.