St Lawrence CE Primary School

Religious education


Religious Education (R.E.) plays an important part within the broad and balanced curriculum offered at St Lawrence CE Primary School. Children attend the daily Collective Worship, which is mainly Christian in character, but may also draw on stories from other faiths or focus on moral issues. We have whole school Collective Worships and Class Collective Worships. We have Collective Worship Crusaders who meet regularly to discuss Collective Worships so that the children have an opportunity to take a role and a lead in these.


R.E is taught in line with “Living Difference III”, the Hampshire Agreed Syllabus. Pupils are welcomed from any religious faith or none, and will find all their opinions respected. We encourage the children to think deeply, to empathise, to be open-minded and to pose their own questions. Having been a pilot school in the Diocese, we teach Christianity through the Understanding Christianity resource.


Parents do, however, have the right to withdraw their child from the whole or part of the R.E. curriculum. Any parent requiring further information or wishing to withdraw their child should contact the Head teacher.