St Lawrence CE Primary School

Physical education


Our vision at St Lawrence is to ensure our children have a healthy mind in a healthy body. It is vital for children to understand the importance of being active and keeping healthy and how this impacts on their mental health. Children at St Lawrence have many opportunities during their school day to be active and develop their physical co-ordination and fitness.


Children take part in weekly PE lessons where they develop their confidence whilst learning the skills and game rules of a range of sports including, football, rugby and rounders. We now have opportunities at St Lawrence to develop our orienteering skills with a course to follow around the school. Swimming takes place weekly, at Alton Sports Centre for Year 3. Priority is given to increasing water confidence and ensuring that all children learn to swim.


At St Lawrence we use outside specialists to support us in promoting active and healthy children. This includes a specialist PE teacher who works with each class once an academic year to help immerse them in different sports as well as providing them with opportunities for children practise the skills and knowledge they have learnt in lessons to take part in local school competitions. We also work closely with a local dance school who come in and give the children a fantastic opportunity to learn different dance styles.