St Lawrence CE Primary School



At St Lawrence we want our children to develop a sense of awe and wonder and to be curious about the world around them; making Geography relevant, meaningful and engaging to them. They have the opportunity to explore the places around them and to develop their understanding of their place in the world. Throughout their St Lawrence journey they will build upon their knowledge and skills in a variety of ways. Every Geography unit is accompanied with a knowledge organiser laying out the key information for their learning. Children will have opportunities to develop their fieldwork skills using the school grounds, Alton and further afield.


Each class has a world map display used to locate any places relevant to their learning such as a setting in a book or a historical event. This helps to develop their locational knowledge. We explore both physical and human geography on a local and global scale helping the children to understand how the world works. We ensure that we use a wide range of sources to prevent providing a one-sided stereotypical view.


Geography helps children to recognise how changes to places and the environment happen and affect us, both as a result of natural processes and through human activity. At St Lawrence we are passionate about educating children on current environmental issues and their human impact.