St Lawrence CE Primary School

Links with Winchester Diocese


This initiative by Winchester Diocese was created to bring communities together, to be intergenerational and to provide lots of opportunities and conversation-starters. The Diocese provided schools with resources for Collective Worships based on sheep and shepherds. We used these and had whole school Learning Council meetings where discussions took place on what designs should be on our sheep to tell the story of our school and also democratically elected the name ‘Joy’. The children worked together with members of our community to paint different parts of Joy. Our Year 6 children then took Joy to Winchester Cathedral as part of their Leavers’ Service.



“Jesus said, Love one another as I have loved you.” John 13:34 - this along with our values of Love, Compassion and Respect form the core of our sheep. Written on a rainbow, this artistically reminds us that God will keep his promises. Our Collective Worship Crusaders were keen to show our really close links between school and church within our community of St Lawrence and this is represented with a cross and a dove. We were awarded Fair Active status as a Fair Trade school earlier this year and our Fair Trade Ambassadors were very keen for this to be part of the sheep.


At St Lawrence CE Primary School, our Learning Council, of which every child and adult is a part, democratically elected Joy! Our school logo and house colours are featured prominently on Joy too!


We believe that having a ‘growth mind set’ is key to our learning and our friends Mojo and Katie remind us to always reach for the stars! We are currently working towards Level 2 of the UNICEF RR Award and this is fundamental to our school where we show Love, Compassion and Respect.