St Lawrence CE Primary School

Our Curriculum Vision

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The vision of St Lawrence CE Primary School is to empower children to become life-long learners by providing excellent teaching and promoting independent learning within a loving and caring Christian community; where every individual respects themselves, others and the world around them.


This vision is developed through our curriculum as explained below:


Each class has an overview for the year where learning objectives have been carefully selected by subject managers to ensure a development of knowledge, consistency and spaced learning. Subjects are taught discretely, however if there is a clear link between subjects, then this cross-curricular link is explored.


Each year group has a concept that is their focus. However, we ensure that these concepts are revisited over time. The concepts are as follows:

Year R - Family

Year 1 – Transformation

Year 2 – Leadership

Year 3 – Achievement

Year 4 – Diversity

Year 5 – Conflict

Year 6 – Legacy


At the end of their time at St Lawrence CE Primary School we want our children to have developed in these three key areas: Personal & Social, Academic and Spiritual. These will be developed by the use of our concepts outlines above.


Every subject leader has created an overview for every unit of work taught in each year group. This includes the knowledge that is taught in the unit of work and also the Tier 3 vocabulary (subject specific) for that unit. This then forms the start of the Learning Journey which details what the class teacher will be sharing day to day with the children through their learning.


The subject managers for Science, Geography and History have then created knowledge organisers for each unit of work detailing all the body of knowledge the children are expected to learn which includes the Tier 3 Vocabulary Top Ten, timelines and diagrams.