St Lawrence CE Primary School



At St Lawrence, we strongly believe everyone has the potential to achieve in mathematics to the highest level. It is our aim for pupils to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, through varied and frequent practice with increasingly complex problems introduced over time. Our fluency ten in ten activity and Times Tables Rockstars ensure the basic skills are constantly revisited and revised. This will then ensure pupils develop the ability to recall and apply the knowledge across the curriculum and in real life.


We believe in a positive growth mind-set towards Mathematics, allowing pupils to work independently and collaboratively with others. During lessons, we aim to teach each maths concept in a variety of ways – ensuring that children see links as they learn. A range of tasks and activities are used and we consistently draw on a variety of sources to support the children’s learning – for example through the work of Mike Askew, Jo Boaler and White Rose Maths. In doing so, our aim is to provide children with the mathematical experiences to ensure they have the ability to solve problems systematically, reason and think logically.