St Lawrence CE Primary School

Who's Who

Picture 1 Dawn Casson Headteacher
Picture 2 Deputy Headteacher and Year R teacher
Picture 3 Sue Lintott School Business Manager
Picture 4 Rachel Tarrant Admin Assistant
Picture 5 Angela Grosvenor Admin Assistant
Picture 6 Wendy Turner SENCO
Picture 7 Emily Glew Year R Teacher
Picture 8 Amy Panther Year 1 Teacher
Picture 9 Robyn Heckford Year 2 Teacher
Picture 10 Beth Shaw Year 3 Teacher
Picture 11 Imogen Thackrah Year 4 Teacher
Picture 12 Lou Jones Year 5 Teacher
Picture 13 Louise Lancaster Year 6 Teacher
Picture 14 Karen Smy TA
Picture 15 Jane Kellie TA
Picture 16 Carolyn Morrison TA
Picture 17 Denise Cottam TA
Picture 18 Emily Gard TA
Picture 19 Karen McMahon TA
Picture 20 Niki Hodkin After School Club leader
Picture 21 Karen Trim TA
Picture 22 Melanie Hill TA
Picture 23 Pete Goodall Cleaner
Picture 24 Greg Shaw Caretaker

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