St Lawrence CE Primary School

Year 5 Day at Eggar's School

On Wednesday 13th March 2019 Year 5 visited Eggar’s School for the day and we all had a great time. First of all we learnt some information about the school and its history from Mrs Kinteh. We also learnt about the Eggar’s experience where you can get involved in lots of different clubs and other events. We found out that the original school was built in 1642 but the new site was built in 1967. Next we headed onto the history class and we discovered a murder mystery with Miss Hopkins. By going around the school we could find clues as to how Ruth Ashdown, who was just twelve, died. As well as finding out information about her and her life in Victorian times, we came up with our own theory about how she died and why. In the afternoon we created batik fish with Mrs Drew using wax and dye on material and then dried them with a hairdryer. When we got back the whole class voted the experience between 7 and 10 out of 10.