St Lawrence CE Primary School

Year 6 to Wintershall

On Tuesday 18th June, Hawthorn class went on a school trip to see a very immersive play about Jesus. This covered the key events of his life, for example: The Crucifixion of Jesus, the feeding of the 5000, and many more. In addition to thinking about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, they gave us some morals to take home, and reflect on. It was quite fascinating that all the cast (except for Jesus, who was a professional actor) were residents from the area! As well as this, the cast let all of the audience get involved, like when they gave out the bread! This was definitely a marvellous experience to see, because it enhanced our knowledge of the story of Christ and all the miracles that he performed. We would most definitely go again! Written by Claire Tafura and Poppy Reeves



“It was an unforgettable experience!” Ellie-May

“I really enjoyed it and if I could go back, I definitely would!” Xenia

“It was a fabulous experience! Also, very realistic and good acting!” Poppy M

“I loved how some of the actors had played many different roles!” Keira

“It was a phenomenal school trip. It actually taught me more than I expected. My favourite part was when the disciples were fighting the guards.” Spencer